My Story.

cal-ia luvI had a good job, a wonderful social network, the perfect pooch, a paid off BMW and lived with my high school sweetheart in a brand new brick colonial located in the type of neighborhood where nearby housewives still bring you a welcoming bundt cake.  I was the girl who had everything a girl could ever want. I had it all… on paper.

Truth be told, I was miserable. I could see my life and youth ending right before my eyes. My bucket list was slowly being over thrown by groceries and honey dos and countless honey don’ts. There were too many adventures I had not seized, too many places I had not seen, and too many experiences I had not taken myself. I was still waiting on the proverbial someday, knowing it might never happen. This fear scared the Iowa-made cement shoes right off of me, and coincidentally, running straight into the arms of a dashing California surfer boy.

It takes a lot to uproot your life, leave everything you’ve ever known and start over. A fresh start is not an easy feat—especially when you decide that is needs to take place half-way across the country. With what I could fit in my not-so-paid-off Chevy, I waved to my long-time friends, kissed my parents and hugged the sweetest basset hound in the world goodbye. My 1500 mile journey was just the beginning of my new adventure.

My new life has been a bumpy one, but it has been the single best decision I’ve ever made.  I am broke, naive and am surrounded by people who refuse to use their turning signal. But with my cluelessness comes warm awakening. I am happier than I have ever been, finally have time to work on me and what I really want out of life and most importantly, I get to do it in stride with my (originally from Kansas!) California surfer boy.

Thank you, everyone, for your support as I fall back, leap forward and every once and awhile, take a moment to actually stand still and enjoy the life I’ve been looking forward to.


P.S. If you find a spelling error/typo…take a drink.


5 thoughts on “My Story.

  1. Love it! You go get yours girl. Your doing what most only dream. Your living life not just watching it pass by I can’t wait to read more. Love you cuz.

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