Iowa, Meet California.

CA + IA = Love

 I’m an Aries, and aside from that meaning that I am bull-headed and gorgeous (and perhaps a smidge arrogant) it also means that I am a procrastinator. So I bring to you (Hi mom!) my blog…a blog I meant to publish five or six years ago.

When I first considered writing a blog, I was, let’s say, youthful. You’ll soon learn that I am an avid cook, so I envisioned starting “twentysomethingkitchen,” a blog for us youngsters that actual know how to use a meat tenderizer and own coriander. Now that I am nearing 30, I didn’t feel that “twentysomethingkitchen” would give me nearly the longevity I’d been hoping for and “Thirtysomethingkitchen,” is, well,  not nearly as catchy. Truth be told, I really don’t want to be the thirty-year-old cougar creating jalapeño poppers for bikini clad bank tellers.

So this brings us to Californ-ia. (Welcome mom!) A blog dedicated to my Midwest up-bringing and my West coast horizons. I am looking forward to burning chicken, failing pinterest projects, wearing socks with sandals and making you look at all of the photos I’m going to post documenting my disasters.

So let’s get started! I hope you enjoy my adventures—I know I’m going to!

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