Strong Enough.

Cher D2K Tour

Some of the best memories I have are those spent with my mom in the late 80’s, dancing around the living room of our old farm house on that hideous shag carpet. She’d flip her permed hair with bangs and I’d rock my stirrup pants. I remember when dad first brought home a five compact disk player–that’s right, FIVE! It was the size of a deep freeze and cost them a month’s mortgage. Even though I’m far past stretch pants and my music now plays from a magical device that fits in my pocket, I still hold tight to the music of my childhood–The music who made me who I am today.

For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to do something over the top for my mom–something she’d (we’d) be able to hold on to forever. I surprised her with a plane ticket home and two floor seats to an artist whose music was a sort of metaphorical glue for us all of these years. Cher has been more than just a singer to me, more than just fancy costumes, glitter and big hair–She was one of the many ways my mom was able to subliminally instill heart and fight into her daughter.

Cher D2K 2014Cher’s music has acted as a drive for me, an inspiring push to succeed. She reminds us that, no matter how tough the situation, you won’t break. I’m not a person to crumble, but sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder that you won’t. Cher has helped my mom be that reminder since I was a little girl.

Were there Indian headdresses, acrobatics, a three-story-tall Trojan horse and 56 costume changes, Yes, and damn did she look fabulous. But for me, this concert was so much more than wigs and glitter. I was able to sing along to the songs that helped shape me into the Independent person I wanted to be, alongside the person who made me the independent being that I am.

This was a night I’ll never forget, and I have two amazing women in my life to thank for that.

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