A Hunting We Will Go…For a New Wallet

Kate Spade Wallets

Every great once in a while, I’ll receive a little surprise in my bank account. Whether it be from hard work or from overall company success, the unanticipated spending money is always appreciated.

In every instance of one of these “surprises” I always play the responsible card—it goes right into bills and catching up on life…all except for one thing. Since all work and no play makes Amanda a dull girl, I always allow myself one gift. I think it is very important to treat yourself every once in a while—it’s why you work so hard in the first place!

Generally, the gift allocated portion of my bonus goes right towards my wrist—a watch that I’d had my eyes on. Since I’m happy in the watch department (Thank You, Employee of the Year Bonus!) I decided it was time to purchase a new wallet.

Though the rubber-band holding my credits cards, cash and rarely used YMCA ID card has done a fantastic job over the last few months, it was time to retire the sad little stretch band. A big girl needs a big girl wallet, and so the hunt ensued.

I am between two Kate Spade beauties. A smaller compact version in yellow and a thin but elongated one in coral. I am torn. Both are darling and serve the same purpose. Both colors are fun. But which one do I go with? Which one is more Amanda? Which version would you buy as a gift to yourself?

Kate Spade Cherry Lane Stacy in Surprise Coral

Kate Spade Cobble Hill Small Stacey in Citron

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