Grownup Crabby Patties with Remoulade Sauce

Crab Cake Portabella

Two appetizers I am not a stranger to making are stuffed mushroom and crab cakes. Both crowd pleasers. Both pretty darn simple to make. When I saw both lump crab meat and portabella caps on sale the other day, an idea was born. These two once appetizers were about to be reborn into one fantastic meal—a crab cake stuffed portabella!

Crab Cake Portabella

1 cup bread crumbs (I used panko but whatever you have will do just fine)
6 Tbsps melted butter
1 tsp parsley (fresh or dry)
8-10 oz lump crab meat
¼ cup mayonnaise
Splash of lemon juice
1 cup shredded cheese (your preference!)
4-5 large portabella mushroom caps

Pre-heat oven to 375. Brush your mushroom caps with olive oil (both sides) and place on a greased/foil lined baking tray and set aside. In a mixing bowl, melt the 6 Tsp butter and stir in 1 cup of breadcrumbs until the crumbs have absorbed all moisture. Add in the remaining ingredients (minus the mushroom caps of course) and stir together until evenly mixed. Using your hands, shape mixture into large patties. Add a patty atop of each of the portabella caps and bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes.

While your caps are baking, start to prepare your remoulade sauce.

Remoulade Sauce

¼ cup of mayonnaise
2 Tbsp dijon mustard
2 tsp creole seasoning (I use Tony’s!)
2 tsp horseradish
1 tsp hot sauce
A few splashes of Worchester sauce
A few splashes of lemon juice

Mix all ingredients together and voila! You’re done.

Pull mushroom caps from oven and drizzle with your Remoulade sauce. Serve (with a glass of wine!) and enjoy!

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