Keep it Simple, Sweetheart! My Fall Want List / Must Haves

Fall Must Haves

The older I get, the more simplistic my closet, my fridge, my home and overall life seem to become (I say this as I knock on a redwood tree trunk!) If I don’t wear something, I toss it to Goodwill. I’ve done away with preservatives and pre-mades—mostly.  And life drama? What life drama? I spent way too much time in my twenties caring about silly things (and people) that didn’t matter and not enough time on the things and people that did. This Fall, I’m keeping my wish list simple—just the way I like my life!

The J.Crew Herringbone Vest is a staple. Period. If you Pinterest at all, you know what I’m talking about. It’s everywhere and everywhere for a reason—it’s adorable. It truly is the must-have for this fall. As savvy a shopper as I am, I can’t find anything that compares to this sleek little number. It’s thee one and only. I’m not exactly keen on spending $108 for a puffer vest, but I (and what I recommend) is keeping your eyes peeled for a J.Crew Factory discount. It’s bound to happen and therefore this cute little number is bound to be in my closet before the temperature dips.

The Infamous Zara Tartan Scarf. This too is a fan favorite, but is from last year’s line. This is truly unfortunate because I believe this style is more coveted this year than last. So if you’re having trouble finding an old Zara original, buy this amazing find on Etsy. It’s the same pattern and material we’re all craving and it’s a third of the price.

Anthropologie Measuring Spoons. How cute are these?! I don’t need them, but they are just too cute not to add to my cupboards. Food is beautiful and cooking should be too!

Wide Brim Felt Hat. I’m a hat girl, always will be. This is the seasons “It” hat, and ‘It” will be mine.

Fall Wreath. I’m not sure which wreath I want, but I do know I want one. My empty entryway doors just feel naked without it. Do I buy one? Do I make one? Which one? Do you have one you recommend? The possibilities are beautiful and endless!

Sorel Boots. Even though I live in San Diego, that doesn’t mean I live in flip flops and a bikini—mostly. Kevin and I thoroughly enjoy trekking up north, hiking all that California has to offer and camping when we have the time. Sorels are like the grown-up version of Uggs. Adorable, warm and you can get away with wearing them about anywhere with anything. And no, I will not be wearing my new Sorels with a jean mini skirt—that was SO Alpha Delta Pi circa 2005.

I Will Survive planter. Anything that helps save my herbs is a step in the right direction. I’ve killed more basil plants than the cast of the Walking Dead has killed Zombies. My plants need positive affirmations. I WILL GROW. I WILL SURVIVE. I MUST HAVE THIS PLANTER.

I know there are only a few items here, but like I said, simple sweetheart. I’m easy to please these days!

J. Crew Herringbone Puffer Vest
Wool Plaid Tartan Scarf
Anthropologie Spoons
Wide Brim Hat
Fall Wreaths
Sorel Boots
I Will Survive! Planter

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