These Are a Few of My FAVORITE Things!

Favorite Things

Now that I’ve been running my Favorite Things Sweepstakes for a few weeks now (two plaid blanket scarves left to win by the way!) I figured it was about time to post some of my own holiday favorites. Check out the list below for items I love and the merchants who create them!

Have favorites of your own? I love learning about new goods and vendors and would love to hear your shout outs!

Tree Skirt
This is my second Christmas with Kevin and things are getting serious—joint Christmas tree serious. We’ve already started collecting ornaments (OK, we have one ornament we picked up in Tahoe last ski season) but the goal remains the same—to continually add to the adorableness of our Christmas tree each year. Now that we have the tree and the Tahoe ornament, we were in need of a tree skirt. Kevin would have been fine with a Trader Joe’s Paper bag stuffed under the greenery, but I wanted something one-of-a-kind that would melt my heart every time our tree lit up. Found It! Etsy’s  SPCrafty has the most darling tree skirts I have ever seen, or could ever want or imagine, and the quality, OH the quality! It’s just amazing. If you’re looking for something special as well, not just for the tree but for under it, check out Etsy and SPCrafty—her products will make your tree shine just a little brighter this Christmas!

New Belgium Winter Brews
There is nothing I like better than a great beer, and living in San Diego, the craft beer city of America (I bet you didn’t know that did you?!) I have the best brews right at my taste buds. But when we’re not out sipping our way across the south bay and just want to bring a pack home, we like a little variety in our hops. A great variety pack we recommend, New Belgium Folly Seasonal brews. Are there fancier, more exciting beverages out there, yes, but if you’re looking for something inexpensive to sip while you’re unwinding by the fire, you can’t go wrong with New Belgium.

When Kevin asked me the other night why I was spending so much on greeting cards this year, I just stared at him blankly. Me? Use anyone but Minted? Silly boy, Target photos are for kids! I am smitten with Minted and I’ll scream it from a mountain top! Everything from their chic designs,  easy-to-use website, the fact that I’m supporting growing independent designers. LOVE.  It’s just a great company!

Sam Edelman
Boots. Boots. Boots. Every chance I get to wear anything but heels I jump all over it. I’ve already showed you my cognac riding pair by Sam Edelman from this fall, but my new Louies are just as cute to boot. Sorry, couldn’t resist! Great quality and comfort. Highly recommend!

Soft Pillow Curls
I have naturally wavy hair which has both its ups and downs. It’s wonderful when I want to rock the beach bum look and not do a thing to my hair, and horrible when they only look I’m going for is the sleek, professional one. Since the majority of my week is spent in the office, alas, no beach bum girl. The almost daily blow dryer takes a toll on my locks, especially in the chill of the cold winter air. I’ve tried many products over the past few years, trying to find a way to control my waves and be able to sport them in the office. Enter Soft Pillow Curls. A dab of this after each shower softens my hair and controls the unwanted frizz, making my hair conference room suitable. It’s not sticky, greasy or expensive. It gives you exactly what it’s named.

Stella & Dot
Aside from my little gold stand necklace that I wear almost daily, I’m not a fancy, expensive jewelry kind-a-girl. If you want to buy me high-end designer jewelry, that’s wonderful, but you better darn well make sure it’s insured! Fashion jewelry on the other-hand, LOVE the stuff. It makes for a fun outfit and if something does happen to it, well, it’s not the end of the world and your significant other won’t beat you to death over it. Stella and Dot is my new favorite trendy jeweler. They have the most fun designs that won’t break your budget. Be sure to peruse their statement necklaces for a punch of color this holiday season.

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