Beach Bedding

Beach Bedding
I have a wonderful announcement to make! Kevin and I are finally beach home dwellers! We’ve been saving our pennies and waiting for the perfect home. January 1st, it happened. There it was, all perfect and darling—as if skies opened up and there was a sun beam cascading brightly upon it. We couldn’t be happier with a quaint little beach condo and I squeal and break into a happy dance every time I walk through the door.

With a new home comes many ups and downs. You have the packing. The re-organizing. The, “you can’t possibly call that a closet” type moments. But with the bad, comes the very much fun stuff. The drinking of wine on the new ocean view patio. The chucking of your boyfriend’s favorite t-shirts…or at least the ones he hasn’t hidden from you. The purchasing of mew decor because the old decor just no longer suits your new home, or at least you say it does not—that, my friends, is a wonderful move type moment.

Since Kevin and I have never really had “big-kid” type bedding, I convinced him it was time. He gave me full range as long as it, A) Was a duvet cover (he loves his comforter) B) It was pink and C) Nothing to frilly and ruffle. I can handle that!

So a researching I went, on the hunt for the perfect beach home bedding. I knew I was more than likely going to spend some coin, so I wanted it to be perfect. After weeks of looking at magazines, online and at stores, I decided a good beach bedding set must have the following (enjoy my inspirations!):
Nothing is fresher and cleaner than ocean air, nothing except a newly washed bright white bedspread. You want your ocean home to remain airy and bright, and nothing will help you accomplish this more than whites. Whether it be white linens, a duvet cover, or a quilt, make sure you incorporate bright whites into your mix.

cute white post bed
Ocean Hues
Along with whites, another thing I found in common with ocean bedding was the complimenting color. When you close your eyes and picture your favorite beach resort, you’re more than likely picturing sandy beaches, blue-green waters and creamy sea-shells. Rarely will you ever see deep burgundies, emeralds and blacks. Stick to blues, greens and grays, and maybe even a punch of coral!

better homes

When I say lofty-ness, I want you to picture sleeping on a cloud. Nothing makes you crave your bed more than a pillowy stuffed duvet or a two-foot thick down comforter. Just thinking of these makes me want to take a nap! Maybe sure, whatever you purchase, reminds you of a bed of cotton candy. A tip I learned from Pottery Barn, if you crave the lofty-ness you tend to see in home decor stores, use not one but two comforters in your duvet cover—that’s what they do to get that magical pillow look.

White Bedding

Another way to get the pillowy looks and break up the colors a bit (especially if you’re using many of the same hues together) is to add a bit of texture to your ensemble. Pintucks, pleats and chunky throws are an easy way to break up the monotony of your bedding and add a little extra sumtin.

Texture Bedding

Add a print. Add any print. Have fun looking for a unique print. Even if only one of your bedding items has a print, whether it be a throw pillow, sheet set or even a rug, jazz up your set with a print. Fun prints will keep your bedding set from looking like a bed-in-a-bag set that four-hundred other neighbors down your street have.  Be original.

Anthropologie Bedding

Fun Pillows
I believe that the pillows on your bed are the true representation of who you are. Pillows are like the eyes to the bed’s soul, so-to-speak. Too much? Even the most conservative bedding owner can have a fun pillow. It’s also your chance to get creative. So whether you are the bed-in-the-bag owner or just love the popular West-Elm pleat everyone seems to have, it doesn’t matter—you can still be different and create a whole new theme simply by your pillow.

Fun Pillows

The Result: My Beach Home Bedding:

Are there Beach bedding traits that I forgot to mention or think I should add, let me know! What are your bedding inspirations?

One thought on “Beach Bedding

  1. How does the bedding look in the guest room?! I want to make sure it will look good with those towel animals and little mints on my pillow!

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