My Little Hand-Painted Globe

Hand Painted Globe
Little hand-painted globes have been popping up everywhere you look. Pinterest. Etsy. Antropologie. And for good reason… they’re adorable!

I purchased a (rather hideous) orange globe from Home Goods ($25) about six months ago with the intent to turn it into something creative of my own. Finally, a weekend to myself, I broke out the paint brushes (and the globe that I had been storing in the trunk of my car) and got to work.

Before and after hand-painted globe

What you need:

A globe (I recommend Home Goods, TJ Maxx or Ebay)
Your favorite acrylic paints
Paint brushes
A black sharpie (optional for outlining)

All in the project ran me about $35 and a good morning’s worth of time. For inspiration, I looked up “hand painted globes” on Pinterest to better visualize the style I was after. After I was done painting the globe, I added a little custom personalization and added little outlined hearts to all of the places Kevin and I have traveled to. I cannot wait to keep updating our little diy world!

Globes that inspired me:
Inspiring hand-painted globe

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