Our Engagement Story

OK. I realize I haven’t posted anything in awhile. Ad agency life will do that to you. But in order to jumpstart my routine, I wanted to post something worthwhile… We’re engaged!

Every year for our anniversary, Kevin and I run off for a weekend together, typically in the mountains somewhere–our anniversary is in February after all. We try to hit up a ski resort we’ve never been to, with the goal of someday snowboarding all of them. For our five year, we booked a trip to Vancouver and Whistler.

If you haven’t been to Vancouver, I highly recommend it. It’s clean, beautiful, full of breweries and offers so much to do. I attended my first NHL game (Go Canucks!) and the scenic views were breathtaking. Whistler and Nita Lake Lodge were equally magical. We snowboarded, bobsledded, hiked, drank ourselves silly and did all the other things you do on your five year anniversary. ; )

On the last morning of our Whistler adventure, following our morning coffee routine, Kevin and I took to a lake hike behind our lodge with the hopes of capturing some picturesque footage with his drone–he takes the damn thing with him everywhere. Once situated on the opposite end of the lake from the lodge, with his drone strategically following us, Kevin popped his question. Will you adventure with me forever? Between a mass amount of tears and hopping up and down like a caffeinated bunny, I said yes!

On cloud nine, he told me the details of his plotting which, to my surprise, included a six hour drive to see my parents to ask their permission. I think this meant just as much to me as the physical proposal. With my dad’s favorite bottle of whiskey in hand, Kevin proposed to my family. My father, also a caffeinated bouncing bunny, cried yes as well. Kevin had Bob’s blessing.

Fast forward to today, I still haven’t made a single wedding plan. I plan for a living so perhaps this is just one thing I want to bask in for while. I’m honestly just in love with being engaged. One thing Kevin and I do align on is a date. The day we met, our proposal and our someday wedding will all fall on our special date in February. I think it’s romantic and he won’t have to remember another date–a magical combination!



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