The Most Beautiful Ring in the World

About three years ago, Kevin and I ventured into Nordstroms to change a watch battery. Even though we had purchased the watch there, Nordstoms does not physically change batteries in their stores so they referred us to a reputable jeweler across the way. Little did we know at the time, Charles Koll would take amazing care of us above and beyond that watch.

As we waited for our battery to be changed at Charles Koll, we were greeted by a friendly staff member with a serving tray. May I offer you a beverage? Being a small mall jewelry store, Kevin and I were taken aback by the question. But then again who are we kidding… we never turn down an adult beverage. What ya got?! Charles Koll offered us wine, beer, whiskey, champagne–Essentially a full bar!

Four craft brews later and feeling obligated to at least pretend as though we were doing more than waiting for a battery change, we found ourselves gazing at Steven Kretchmer tension rings. Kevin was immediately obsessed with the “structural engineering” of the designs and I, well, was just excited to see him excited to look at rings.

Watch battery fixed, I knew that someday Kevin would be back… if not for the architectural craftsmanship, at a minimum for the beer he knew they’d serve him. After all, he is a man.

Flash forward three years and 24 hours before our Whistler trip (where he was planning to propose on our five year anniversary) Kevin goes straight to Charles Koll to purchase the ring he had decided on three years earlier. I want that one. I can just picture him pointing to the case. To his surprise, and to the delight of this story, purchasing a custom ring doesn’t really work that way. He was going to need at least two months and a custom fitting to propose with the ring of our dreams. But you don’t understand, I’m proposing this weekend! That poor Charles Koll employee, bless Claire’s heart. She gave my inexperienced puppy dog a tension loaner (and a few beers) so he’d at a minimum have something to propose with. After all, he is a man.

Our Whistler proposal was one of the most magical moments in my life and even though the ring he proposed with wasn’t actually my ring, I love that we have his silly story to share. Customizing the ring together like we did was also a bonding experience we would have never shared together had he of been more organized and planned. But I know my soon to be hubs isn’t organized and doesn’t plan. That is what makes our engagement story so perfectly us.

Love story aside, I cannot say enough about the quality and care we received from the Charles Koll team and the beauty of our customized Steven Kretchmer. Charles Koll worked with us to make our ring everything we had ever imagined, from the perfect size, materials, flawless stone and even little personalized touches like adding Kevin’s birthstone to the backside of our ring. They did everything right and helped make our engagement perfect. We’ll never cease being brand advocates of these amazing companies… and stopping by for the occasion beer and ring cleaning.


The Proposal Ring:


The Finished Product and My Obsession:

Kevin’s Birthstone:


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