Easter Breakfast Bunny Butts

easter_bunny_buttsIf you want a really simple and adorable Easter breakfast recipe, may I recommend bunny butts. No matter what the age, I promise you’ll get a smile or two. And how easy?! We’re talking your basic pancake, some fruits and viola! Bunny butts!

What you’ll need for bunny butts:

6 pancakes (2 circles for head and bum, 4 for ears and feet)
Banana slices, or strawberries, for heel prints
blueberries for toes
Whipped cream for fluffy tail

One recommendation for the perfect bunny butt, make sure to create your whipped bunny tail last, right before serving. The hot pancakes will melt your cute little tail off so make sure your plate is ready to be served!

Hoppy Easter from my table to yours!


Rockin the Romper

Blue Romper

I’ve never been a fan of the “romper”. Not because I don’t think they’re completely adorable (because they are!) but because they have a tendency to make the vertically impaired feel, well, even more vertically impaired.

The floral print and blue and coral color combo are what initially won me over on this little Asos number. I didn’t care if it made me look like a stubby watermelon shoved into a jumper—I was determined to make it work, hobbit look-a-like or not.

Blue Romper

Blue Romper

Summer Shoes

To my surprise, when I modeled it for my mirror, I actually felt skinny and elongated in it. It’s the only romper I can say this about. Because of the drop waist and flowing shorts, it gives the illusion of a longer torso, perfect for my fellow shorties out there!

Long story short, I’m in LOVE with this look and determined to find more jumpers exactly like it. I’ve crossed over and this shorty is a believer!

Amanda’s Look
Floral Romper: Asos. Similar Yumi Kim
Summer Sandals: Saks Fifth Ave Gray
Coral Seed Bead Bracelet: Similar Etsy TeeceTorre