Stinkfist and Pearls

ToolDon’t get me wrong, I sometimes listen to what most consider crap music (You can hear me blaring “Party in the USA” from my car a mile away) but I must admit, unlike most chicas that share similar traits to myself (Self-proclaimed Kelly Ripas) I, all-in-all, have fantastic taste in music.

Kevin bought me the sweetest Valentine’s Day present of all time–Not a necklace that the jewelry store recommend that he buy, lame red roses or chocolates conveniently displayed near the Target checkout. This year, I was gifted tickets to a concert that I have been dying to attend since I was 16. Happy Valentine’s Day, Tool tickets.

I had the opportunity to see Perfect Circle in Cedar Rapids about ten years ago, and even though they are one of my favorite bands, there is just something special about Tool.

So last weekend, I put away the shift dresses and pearls, grabbed some holy black jeans and a couple 40s and we put my Valentine’s day present to use. Maynard, in Mohawk, did not disappoint. If ever there was a Lyrical God, it is Maynard James Keenan. Schism took me back to a mindset I hadn’t experienced in years–Raw, dark and as powerful as I had hoped—a mental hideaway for misjudged youth. I’d like to see Taylor Swift get a fan’s neck hairs to stand on end like mine were last Sunday.

If you don’t listen to Tool or APC, change your mind. Listen here, to my favorite song of all time, Three Libras:

Another good one, Sober:

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