Who Wants a Pink Mustache Ride?!

Lyft Ride Service

Over the last few months, I’ve noticed that there has been a local trend in automobile hood ornaments. Cars all over Southern Cal have adorned themselves in pink, fluffy and ridiculously adorable pink mustaches. Being drawn to all things pink and fluffy, I was immediately intrigued. Was it a Movember-meets-Breast-Cancer-awareness stache? Did Hot Topic have a sale on overstocked novelty whiskers? Just what were these pink mustachios?

Every now and again comes a product or service that I’ll feel the need to shout from the mountain tops—Lyft is that service. The new trend in public transportation are side-car services—think of them as freelance taxi cabs. Instead of hailing a cabi that smells like curry and speaks as much English as a San Diego radio station, you’re essentially given a flipbook of pre-background checked Hipster type drivers which allows you to “get to know” your transporter (and what you’re being transported in) before they even pick you up. If you don’t like the look, rating, car type or maybe even the name of the driver you’re given, simply flip to a new one! The entire service, from requesting a cab to payment, is handled via one of the friendliest apps you can download—so simple even an Amanda can use it. Lyft is easy-to-use, stylish (I mean, they wear pink mustaches, people!) and best of all, it’s cheap! On average, I save about 25% using Lyft when compared to that of a normal taxi cab. Because Lyft is a contract/freelance service, you’re not charged the embedded cost of all the intricacies it takes to run a major cab conglomerate—ultimately putting that money back in your pocket.

I am sure there are people out there that will continue to use regular cabs, either because they prefer it, because Lyft type services are not offered in their area or, unlike myself, simply prefer their transportation shaven. But one thing is for sure, I am quite happy with the entire experience that Lyft offers. Everything from their App, the drivers, the rating service, to the water bottles they give you during your ride has been top-notch. So if you’re looking for something new or a way to save a few more pennies this year, try Lyft. I promise this is one mustache ride you won’t regret tomorrow morning.

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