Going Nude

Nude Fashion

I’ve long been a sufferer of whether to wear black or brown. There are certain outfits, where, let’s face it, neither gets the job done. I’m sure some of you remember the story of the homeless lady outside of Starbucks pointing out that my black pumps conflicted with my blue sheath dress—You know you’re doing something wrong when a crazy bag lady without shoes calls you out as a fashion faux pas.

Thankfully, a neutral, neutral is popping up everywhere. Nude, buff, peach, tan, whatever you chose to call it, is my new go-to for shoes and accessories alike. I’ve lined my closet with a nude shoe for every occasion and even splurged on a nude leather banded Burberry watch which I wear almost daily.

The absolute best part about going nude, aside from it going with everything, is the illusion it gives you—You’ll have legs for days! And if you’re like me, vertically challenged, this is a nice alternative to joint extension surgery.

Also, for you penny pinchers, if you find a style you like, keep your eyes peeled for knock-off versions of the good stuff. I recently stumbled across a pair of Calvin Klein Vivian wannabes at Target for ¼ the price!

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