Patio Perfect

Patio Furniture

When Leonardo Dicaprio noted in Inception that an “idea is like a virus,” he was right. This concept, tied to the determination of a woman with a design project and a credit card, is an understatement.

Before & After

Randomly, I decided that Kevin and I needed a new patio set. Though we were doing just fine without one, I had convinced myself we couldn’t go another weekend without one. Not wanting to upset his woman and her virus, Kevin too decided he was convinced. I browsed online. I perused stores. I flipped through catalogs. I was obsessed at finding the perfect patio arrangement.

I decided on teak—a certain color of teak that would seat at least six. Preferably, mission-style teak with a particular deep-rich-red stain that sat six while accompanying a matching bench. Let’s just say, I knew exactly what I wanted and I was going to get it.

Since we weren’t about to spend the two grand it was going to cost to purchase a new set, I spent weeks patrolling Craigslist for exactly what I desired. Finally, she appeared. A two-year old World Market teak beauty with matching Pottery Barn Umbrella, for the bargain price of $300. She needed obvious love and I was going to give it to her.

Holy Hell. Have you ever refinished something? The idea (deadly virus in this case) sounds thrilling, and even fun, until you’re ten hours of sanding in, have a thrown out back and are inches away from killing your significant other…who, in their defense, has done most of the work anyway. If you ever want to test your love for someone and their love for you—sand something.

I’ve tackled furniture projects before, the occasional desk or dresser, but a table, four chairs and a bench included, takes a particularly patient individual. As beautiful as my patio set turned out, this project was certainly a life lesson. Though artistic, refinishing furniture is not for the faint of heart… nor the lazy. I am very proud of my lovely teak furniture and have enjoyed it immensely—I will for years. I do, however, imagine our next patio set will be store-bought, full priced and completely blood-sweat-and-tearless.

Navy/Teal Honeycomb Pillows: Etsy, Landofpillowsdotcom
Teal/White Geometric Seat Cushions: Target

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